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Custom Mylar Bags

Make your brand stand out with our personalized packaging solutions

Stock Type & Thickness

Unlocking the Artistry of Custom Box Styles


We utilize eco-friendly cardboard materials to reduce environmental impact and minimize waste production.


Kraft paper, renowned for its strength, durability, and versatility, is a staple material in numerous industries.


Rigid material offers superior protection, affordability, and recyclability. Our boxes ensure maximum product safeguarding.


Corrugated material offers easy customization, cost-efficiency, and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for branding initiatives.

Finishing Assortment

Unlocking the Artistry of Custom Box Styles

Foil Stamping

“Enhance various product packaging options with our foil stamping services.”


“Our glossy finish adds an additional layer of shine to your packaging.”

Holographic Foiling

“Holographic foil refracts light, revealing a spectrum of colors at different angles.”

Spot UV

“Our high-gloss UV coating adds luminosity and shine, enhancing the printed material.”

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Mylar Bags Solutions

Forget flimsy wrapping! Enhance your herbs, pharmaceuticals, cartridges, sweets, dried fruits, and gummies with our bespoke Mylar bags. Our custom packaging provides a plethora of benefits. Brand your products brilliantly with unparalleled customization choices—select materials, artwork, logos, colors, and messaging to bring your vision to life. Our cutting-edge technology produces gorgeous results, and the resealable properties keep your products fresh and have a premium feel. Furthermore, with Hot Custom Boxes, you get the best of both worlds: excellent quality and affordable prices.


Hot Custom Boxes is here to help you launch your business with our revolutionary custom Mylar bag solutions. Here’s how we’ll transform your Mylar bags into practical marketing tools.

  • Fire Protection: Our bespoke Mylar bags act as a shield, protecting your products from damage during storage and transport. No more smashed candy or damaged cartridges!
  • Branding Blaze: Go beyond simple Mylar. We offer numerous customization options, allowing you to create eye-catching designs with your logo, colors, and messaging. Make your brand the star of the shelf!
  • Premium Perception: First impressions matter. Our high-quality Mylar bags exude luxury and professionalism, enhancing your brand image and attracting premium-conscious customers.
  • Stackable Synergy: Use our properly sized Mylar bags to fit your shelf space best. They stack neatly, enhancing display possibilities and attracting attention from afar.
  • Convenience Inferno: We understand the value of ease. Our Mylar bags are designed to work seamlessly with your existing packaging. Place your products in the personalized bags, and you’re ready to go.

Complete Customization Support

The primary reason for choosing our bespoke packaging is our extensive customization support. You can have your bespoke Mylar bags made to your exact specifications. With vast industry expertise, we know how to design packaging that distinguishes your product. Rely on us for well-customized packaging bags.

High-Quality Materials

Our use of high-quality materials sets our packaging bags apart from the competition. The quality of your bags is primarily determined by the material used. We use the finest Mylar material to create these bags, ensuring a solid shelf display.

Designing Options 

Our diverse design options let you personalize Mylar bags and showcase your brand in a way that stands out. We use only the finest materials and offer a range of sizes to suit your products perfectly. For added security and freshness, please choose from our food-grade coating options. Plus, we offer convenient locking mechanisms and resealable add-ons to ensure your products stay protected and your customers remain satisfied.

Printing Options

We offer both digital and offset printing, coating, and lamination options to create the ideal appearance for your personalized Mylar bags. Elevate your design with luxurious finishing touches like hot foil stamping and ink raising. These techniques add sophistication and dimension, making your brand truly stand out.

Working Policies

Our dedication to your satisfaction extends beyond providing gorgeous Mylar bags. We offer additional benefits to ensure a smooth and reliable order process:

  • Instant Price: Get a quick and precise quote in minutes to confidently manage your budget.
  • Knowledgeable Customer Support: Our friendly staff are always available to answer your questions and guide you through purchasing.
  • Easy Ordering: We’ve simplified and expedited the ordering procedure.
  • Physical and 3D Sampling: See your vision come to life before you commit. We provide physical and even 3D samples to confirm that your Mylar bags are exactly what you expected.
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