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Stock Type & Thickness

Unlocking the Artistry of Custom Box Styles


We utilize eco-friendly cardboard materials to reduce environmental impact and minimize waste production.


Kraft paper, renowned for its strength, durability, and versatility, is a staple material in numerous industries.


Rigid material offers superior protection, affordability, and recyclability. Our boxes ensure maximum product safeguarding.


Corrugated material offers easy customization, cost-efficiency, and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for branding initiatives.

Finishing Assortment

Unlocking the Artistry of Custom Box Styles

Foil Stamping

“Enhance various product packaging options with our foil stamping services.”


“Our glossy finish adds an additional layer of shine to your packaging.”

Holographic Foiling

“Holographic foil refracts light, revealing a spectrum of colors at different angles.”

Spot UV

“Our high-gloss UV coating adds luminosity and shine, enhancing the printed material.”

Transform Your Business with Custom Labels and Stickers

Transform any design into professional-quality personalized labels. We specialize in creating product labels, custom logos, and customized sticker labels. Explore the most diverse range of shapes, sizes, and materials available online, all supported by a team of professionals dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

We Help to Grow Your Business

  • Enhance Branding with Stickers: Grow your business with custom stickers and labels, essential for branding, organization, and advertising for small and medium-sized enterprises. Professionally printed labels add credibility to your products and enhance brand recognition. Use eye-catching stickers to seal packages, provide instructions, and display your company identity.
  • Organize with Custom Labels: Personalized labels and stickers keep your workplace tidy and operations running smoothly. Custom sticker labels are perfect for identifying shelves, boxes, files, and valuables. Durable barcodes and QR code stickers help track inventories and assets. Fun stickers boost morale and make customers smile.
  • Stickers as Miniature Advertisements: Our bespoke stickers and labels serve as miniature advertisements for your company. Stickers on packages, products, and mail can turn routine shipments into mobile billboards. Use vibrant, branded stickers as promotional gifts at events and trade shows. Remember to underestimate the power of these small yet impactful tools.
  • Boost Brand Awareness: Custom stickers and labels exceed expectations in brand awareness. They offer a wide range of applications at a low cost, helping you elevate your business.

Use Cases for Personalized Labels

Personalized labels are incredibly versatile! They go beyond conventional product labels to serve multiple purposes:

  • Product Branding: Showcase your brand with personalized logos and content on product labels.
  • Inventory Management: Use labels to track assets, making them easier to identify and organize.
  • Promotions and Events: Design eye-catching stickers for marketing campaigns and special occasions.
  • Safety and Security: Use customizable labels with warnings or instructions to enhance product safety.
  • Organization and Labeling: Create personalized labels for everything from binders to storage containers to boost productivity.

How It Works

  • Choose Your Format: Select from custom sheets, rolls, and die-cut stickers. Custom sheets are perfect for quick labeling tasks and small-quantity orders. Custom rolls are cost-effective for higher volumes and include a laminated top coat for added durability. Die-cut stickers are ideal for promotional use.
  • Select Your Labels: Choose from a wide range of label sizes and materials to find the perfect fit. Then, specify the exact quantity needed for your project.
  • Submit Your Design: Upload your existing design or create one using our exclusive tool, Maestro Label Designer. Our art team will review your artwork and provide feedback on any necessary changes.
  • Receive Your Labels: Allow a few business days for printing. You’ll receive a shipment tracking number via email. Once your labels arrive, peel and apply!
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