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Stock Type & Thickness

Unlocking the Artistry of Custom Box Styles
Tin Boxes


We utilize eco-friendly cardboard materials to reduce environmental impact and minimize waste production.
Tin Boxes


Kraft paper, renowned for its strength, durability, and versatility, is a staple material in numerous industries.
Tin Boxes


Rigid material offers superior protection, affordability, and recyclability. Our boxes ensure maximum product safeguarding.
Tin Boxes


Corrugated material offers easy customization, cost-efficiency, and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for branding initiatives.

Finishing Assortment

Unlocking the Artistry of Custom Box Styles
Tin Boxes

Foil Stamping

“Enhance various product packaging options with our foil stamping services.”

Tin Boxes


“Our glossy finish adds an additional layer of shine to your packaging.”

Tin Boxes

Holographic Foiling

“Holographic foil refracts light, revealing a spectrum of colors at different angles.”
Tin Boxes

Spot UV

“Our high-gloss UV coating adds luminosity and shine, enhancing the printed material.”

Premium Custom Tin Boxes: Elevate Your Brand with Tailored Packaging Solutions

Our custom tin boxes are the solution you need. We design and craft premium tins tailored to your specific requirements, regardless of your product. We use tinplate, where a thin layer of tin shields steel, making it rust-proof, non-toxic, and perfect for packaging. This robust and durable material ensures your products remain safe and sound. Additionally, we offer stainless steel and aluminum tins for superior strength, which is ideal for high heat and humidity. These features enhance your products and ensure they arrive in pristine condition at your customers’ doorsteps. Embrace the extraordinary with custom tin boxes.

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Custom Tin Packaging with No Limits

Are you looking for custom-made tin packaging that showcases your items perfectly? Look no further! We offer a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and styles to ensure your products fit perfectly. Our personalized tins go beyond mere containers; they are designed to enhance your branding and marketing efforts, leaving a lasting impression.

Our Printing Techniques

Tin boxes with eye-catching printing will help you stand out! We create striking images using state-of-the-art digital, screen and offset printing techniques. Our design team can develop a unique logo for your printings to ensure your business stands out. Whether you need a small run with intricate patterns or high-volume, high-quality printing, we recommend the best method to make your products look luxurious, sophisticated, and appealing.

Litho Printing

We use lithographic or litho printing to create premium, personalized designs on your tin boxes. This technique is perfect for making your packaging stand out with vivid colors, crisp details, and a polished finish.

  • Vibrant Images: Litho printing produces prominent and detailed images, ideal for displaying complex patterns, logos, and photos on your tin boxes.
  • Vibrant Colors: This process offers a broader color spectrum than other techniques, bringing your personalized tin boxes to life with rich, striking colors.
  • Cost-Effective for Large Orders: Litho printing becomes highly cost-effective for larger production runs of custom tin boxes despite an initial setup cost.
  • Durable Outcomes: Litho printing inks adhere effectively to the tin boxes’ metal surface, producing a long-lasting print that resists fading and scratching.

Screen Printing

At Hot Custom Boxes, we understand the importance of distinctive and memorable packaging. That’s why we offer screen printing, a versatile method that allows us to imprint stunning designs on your tin boxes.

  • Design Creation: We collaborate to create the design you envision, whether striking logos, intricate patterns, or captivating images.
  • Setting Up the Screen: A taut mesh screen is coated with a light-sensitive emulsion that hardens when exposed to light.
  • Image Transfer: Your artwork is projected onto the screen, and light hardens the emulsion where the design is visible, creating a stencil effect.
  • Printing Process: Ink is applied to the top of the screen, and a squeegee pushes it through the open sections of the mesh, transferring the design onto the tin box’s surface.
  • Bright Outcomes: The resulting image is precise and detailed. Screen printing’s high opacity makes it ideal for applying bright, bold colors to metal surfaces.

Accessories for Tin Packaging

  • Foam Inserts: We add custom foam inserts to your tin containers, expertly cut to nestle your products securely. These protective cushions minimize the risk of damage during transit, ensuring your items remain safe. Whether for delicate jewelry or precision instruments, our foam inserts provide a tailored fit that showcases your brand’s commitment to quality.
  • Plastic Tray Inserts: Specially designed plastic tray inserts enhance the appearance and functionality of your tin packaging. These inserts fit snugly inside your tins, preventing movement and damage during transport. Whether you need compartments for organizing various items or single compartments for secure storage, our plastic tray inserts give your products a polished, orderly look.
  • Cushion Pads: We include custom-designed cushion pads in our bespoke tin packaging to enhance the display and protection of your products. These inserts add a touch of elegance and ensure the safety of your contents during storage and transport. They can also be screen printed with your branding or complementary designs.

Tamper-Resistant Locks for Enhanced Security

Keep your items safe with our metal-hinged boxes featuring high-quality tamper-resistant locks. We offer various locking options to meet your security needs, ensuring your prized possessions remain secure.

Unique shape and size

We offer a wide range of customizable tin boxes for bulk packaging. Choose from classic square, circular, or rectangular shapes, each crafted to your precise measurements. Want more personalization? Our options are limitless for creating stunning layouts for your wholesale tin gift boxes. You can also provide your design, and we’ll bring it to life.

Why Are We The Best?

Integrity of Packing

Our top priority is ensuring your items arrive in perfect condition. With years of experience across various industries, we are equipped to handle any packaging challenge. Our extensive selection of materials guarantees the ideal fit and protection for every project.

Cost Saving

We engineer elegant, cost-effective packaging using advanced methods like board test reduction, caliper downgrades, and thorough cube utilization analysis. This maximizes space efficiency, minimizes unnecessary testing, and optimizes materials, all while ensuring your product’s safety. Enjoy exquisite design and affordable shipping.

Drop Test

Our approved drop-testing methods eliminate performance uncertainty. We ensure your cargo can withstand the rigors of transportation, reducing returns due to carrier errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Out-of-the-Box Experience

We enhance the first impression with custom packaging that provides security and beauty. Our high-quality packaging elevates the customer experience upon receiving their item.

No Room, No Problem

Our expertise in product downsizing benefits both the environment and your business. Designing a smaller form factor creates more space for you and provides several advantages:

  • Lower Costs: Smaller products require less material, reducing production and acquisition costs.
  • Streamlined Transportation: Optimized size lowers transportation costs and increases efficiency, lessening your environmental impact.
  • Warehouse Optimization: Compact products require less storage space, maximizing warehouse efficiency.
  • Sustainable Impact: We help you achieve sustainability goals using fewer materials and minimizing environmental impact.

Logistics and Efficiency

We produce packaging strategically, making it close to the product’s origin.

  • Faster Time to Market: Eliminating time-consuming packaging material transportation shortens the time to market.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Local production significantly reduces the total distance traveled by finished items and packaging, lowering the carbon footprint for each product line.
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